Philadelphia Flyers: Giroux is the glue in the gel.

After many questioning Claude Giroux’s abilities, he’s proved everyone wrong and has been the glue that has gelled the Philadelphia Flyers together. In fairly convincing fashion the Philadelphia Flyers have rattled off three wins at home in the past four days, with their lone road apple being the Pens game where three goals against in […] Philadelphia Flyers: Giroux is the glue in the gel. – Section 215 – Section 215 – A Philadelphia City Sports blog

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One thought on “Philadelphia Flyers: Giroux is the glue in the gel.

  1. Claude Giroux is having what could be a career year. This should come as no surprise. He has a history of rebounding from what media types consider off years. A year ago, had 58 points. The man played much of the season in pain. In 10-11, “G” came off a 47-point rookie season, with a 76-point effort. A career-high, 93 points, followed a year later. After a 48-point year in 12-13, Giroux rang up 86 points in 13-14. After a 73-point season in 14-15, the captain had 67 points in 15-16. Currently, he is just six points behind his season total a year ago. Claude is not proving folks wrong. He’s proving supporters, who knew his pain a year ago, right.

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