Comments FAQ

Answers to a few common questions about comments.

Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

FlyersFanCentral does not require visitors to register to post comments. However, visitors that are not registered will have their comments held for moderation by an administrator.
Registered users will have their first comment held for moderation. Once the registered user has their first comment approved then all new comments will be automatically approved.
This is done to keep the comments clean of non-Flyers fans that stop by to post crap we don’t want.

Why was my comment not approved or deleted?

The majority of the comments that are not approved come from non-Flyers fans. As the name of this website is FlyersFanCentral, Flyers fans are welcomed to participate in the discussion. Non-Flyers fans are not, period.
All non-Flyer fans comments will be not be approved. Non-Flyers fans that register and post comments will have their comments along with their account deleted.
A comment that appears to be spam will also not be approved or will be deleted.

How do I register?
To register on FFC go to the register page and pick a username and enter your email address.

I have other questions.
Visit the Contact Page and leave us a message.