Brandon Manning vs Matt Beleskey Mar 11, 2017

Brandon Manning vs Matt Beleskey from the Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins game on Mar 11, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Brandon Manning vs Matt Beleskey Mar 11, 2017

  1. Why do the Flyers get their ass kicked every fight. I think we went through the 70s and 80s losing maybe 5 fights. If they were winning I probably wouldn’t care but they’re losing badly and getting their ass kicked when they do have enough balls to fight. Bring up a tough guy. The 4th line isn’t doing shit anyway. Other teams come in to Philly and laugh at this team. It’s a disgrace.

  2. Jim’s comment is well taken. Flyers MUST have an enforcer to support their young skaters. Wayne Simmonds is too valuable to be sitting in the box. Radko Gudas is not an enforcer type. Sam Morin is a very good fit. He is huge at 6-7, but needs to put on some weight to go with the big boys. Morin is valuable because he can develop into a 5-6 D-Man going into season. But, Jim is so right on. I’ve said this for too many years. The Pens traded for Blues Ryan Reaves, top NHL scraper, this summer. Days of watching Crosby and Malkin mugged by host of lesser talents is over. Flyers should take notice. Morin must be on opening night lineup in San Jose.

  3. Well John they snapped their 10 game losing streak but they’re still boring as hell and it won’t last as long as they continue to let the rest of the league dictate how they should play. I’m surprised at Hextall. I thought Flyers hockey was going against the grain like the Oakland Raiders and the Flyers of the 70s and WE dictate the action. The 4th line ain’t doing shit anyway so why don’t we go against the rest of the league and maybe bring up a couple dudes who can mix it up. That’s right. We gotta stay in line with the rest of the league and can’t shake things up. Last time we did that was 1974-75 and we all know what happened then. And there was probably something into Pronger getting in Giroux’s face a few years back. When the leader is gutless the team probably will be too.

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