Gudas suspended 10 games

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas has been suspended 10 games for slashing Jets forward Mathieu Perreault.

2 thoughts on “Gudas suspended 10 games

  1. Radko, Radko, Radko! Please reign in that temper, big man. This team cannot afford to lose you for one game, let alone TEN. Guys like Dirty Tom Wilson can cross the line without as much as a forced cough from NHL hindquarters. Look backwards in a mirror the next time you have your jersey, see the name Gudas. That is a target on your back. Most officials automatically target you. These morons needed to look at the Jumbo-Tron. But, the stick swipe was over the line. Now, your teammates will be without your physicality. Unless, they (Hakstol-Hextall) call up Sam Morin. But, that’s very unlikely, since that’s the only smart thing to do.

  2. John, I’m not sure how old you are but it sucks that Radis Gudas is the toughest guy on our team. Back in the 80s he’d be around 15th out of 18 skaters. Basically, the Flyers didn’t lose many FIGHTS or GAMES back then, I agree with everything you say, don’t get me wrong. I know they turned hockey into a pussy sport now but I think if you were smart you can still win through intimidation. And what better team to test that with than the Flyers. But NO, we keep trying to get smaller and faster. How’s that working out? Gets some balls Hextall.

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